SMILE.TECH ROBÓTICA LDA manufactures safe, precise and affordable robotic manipulators for home use.


The development and manufacture of innovative solutions for robotic manipulation that can share space with living beings without putting them in harms way, are easy to setup, run and are affordable enough for a regular family or small size company to purchase.


SMILE.TECH ROBÓTICA LDA will be recognized as an innovative company that puts robotics and automation to the service of families, offices, schools and small businesses, for the creation of safe reliable and precise systems and for the development of easy to use, and free programming and simulation tools.


We believe everyone has a part in our planets sustainability, humanities education and long term development. We also believe that robotics tech and knowledge should be democratized and available as a tool to increase our well being.

In SMILE.TECH’s business plan and processes we will always have 3 priorities:

  1. Creation of tools that promote universal learning.
  2. Sharing as much knowledge as we possibly can.
  3. Development and design of products that last long, are reusable and can be part of a circular economy.

About the promoter:

Fernando Figueiredo is a mechanical engineer specialized in automation engineering, graduated in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Oporto, he has 14 years of experience in industrial automation and worked as a:

  • Software developer for industrial machinery
  • Technical support specialist for products such as servomotors, pneumatic and servo-pneumatic equipment
  • Trainer for:
    • Automation control
    • Industrial communication and fieldbus
    • Servo-motor setup and tuning
    • Software development
  • Project engineer, sizing motion equipment and their control systems.
  • Business driver for new products and automation concepts in the markets of Portugal and Spain.

In school projects, and afterwards as a long time hobby, he has worked and gained experience in the following technologies:

  • Application of microprocessors and digital signal processors in real time control systems
  • 3D software and GPU processing using DirectX, OpenGL and WebGL
  • Programming in high level languages such as C# and Python
  • Programming in assembly and low level languages such as C and C++
  • Use of open source tools for mathematical modeling and programming
  • Development of CAM Software
  • Development of CNC Software

Fernando enjoys running, boxing, cinema, kite-boarding and dinner with friends. Since his mother got him a Thermomix he became a reasonably acceptable cook. Now he cooks almost every day for himself and his fiancé that usually works late hours.