BEAR – Belt Elastic Actuator for Robotics

EccD is an elastic EPICycloid reducer with equipped with a stepper motor controlled in closed loop with:

  • Current, torque and redundant position feedback
  • Control loops for position, velocity, force and deformation
  • Very compact and light weight

Included in the DaGma robotic platform, EPIC Drive can enable features like:

  • Collaborative technology
  • Haptic feedback systems
  • Predictive mass and weight calculation
  • Non Cartesian weight balancer


Max output torque3Nm (??)
Transmission ratio (i)Approx-22:1
Max load166
(Not really sure!)
kgcm^2 (lb ft^2)
Max axial load200N (lb)
Max radial load200N (lb)
Max velocity7rpm
Resolution76206pulse per rev
Torsional elasticity
1 to 3
(Still have to decide what it will be!)
º/Nm (º/lbft)